The Other Side (Album)

by The Liz O Show

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released October 31, 2014


all rights reserved



The Liz O Show San Francisco, California

Fiesty, fiery, sassy, sweet, with the guitar riffs of an old soul bluesman and the confidence of a pop star, with lyrics as full of stories as Joni Mitchell's, and flamboyance to rival Janis Joplin's, and a world that is a colorful, surreal children's playroom come to life, Liz O is a rising force in San Francisco.

It's a party that doesn't stop, and the whole world is invited to the show!
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Track Name: The Other Side
Well I wanted to see
To the other side of me
I was trying to find a way beyond my mind

So I crept up and out
From under my skin
And I cut the ties to the world that I was in
I drove 3,000 miles out of my way

And I found me a place where nobody knew my name
I made up a list of all that I wanted to change
It was high time to be on my own
But we all know how these things go
And I met you the very next day

And you were the only one
Who tried to find a way inside me
And I couldn't wait to lead you on
We could have spent our days
Getting lost inside this rambling maze
But I read you wrong

Well it's a damn shame that your words
Were part of a cliche
A tape of all the right things to say

But I give thanks for the masquerade
'Cause I learned my own strength and
A thing or two about the game

And we could have spent our nights
Seeing what's on the other side
But you left that up to me

And down where the lights won't go, well
There's a place no one knows
And that's where I'll be
Track Name: Don't Give Up
I walked along a city street
To escape my imagination
Spend too much time inside my mind
I need outside stimulation

I met a man holding out for change
Ashamed, I avoided his hand
But I heard his words as I turned away
It broke my heart what he said

"Don't give up... don't give up... don't go away
You can't give, no, don't give, oh, don't go... don't go away"

A psychic she was advertised
To be blind with a third eye that worked just fine, so I
Saved my petty cash and I
Arrived at her doorstep late one night
She took me in for a cup of steaming tea
She sat me down to read my energy
She said I'd live a long and happy life
But she didn't foresee no creativity,

Well I won't give up
Won't give up, I won't give
Won't go away
I can't give, oh,
Won't give, no,
I won't give... won't go away

You can say what you say, lady, it's your right
You got your delusions, and I've got mine
You've been reading a long time, yes I see
But I'm the only one who writes my destiny
I got magic charms, and I'm superstitious
And I believe in all of my wishes
Tried to hold myself down, but I'm too weak so
Step aside, I'm trying to speak, I said I

Won't give, won't go away
I can't go, won't go away

And the things that will be
Are already on their way
To becoming reality

I can't say when, I don't know how
But it's far too late to give up now
I still hold a weight upon my chest
But I won't sink back beneath the rest

I've been there
I did it well
And now my demons
Can go to... hell

I won't give up
Won't go away
Track Name: Baby This Precious Moment
Baby this precious moment
Breathing me in, breaking me out, bringing me down...

I got chills in my vein
I'm swaying right back into that old same

And there's an ache in my skin
From being held down in the physical plane
Oh I've been taken in
I need to get out from under this fate I
Try to resist
But I can't fight the weight
Of all existence

It's like there's no point in trying
When we've got nowhere to go
And I can't keep on lying here
With things I already know

I may not have much rhythm
But I got soul
Yeah, I got
Baby this precious moment

Taking me in, tuning me out, turning me on
And it's high time I moved on

There's a spell that needs to be broke
I need me some smoke and mirrors
To clear some clarity, oh
Don't tell me I told you so

There's an ache in my skin
(Shove it down, shove it in)
Bring it on, bring it out
Take it anywhere you want to
I can't complain
'Bout my need to escape this physical plane

I hesitate to relate
To all you say and do
Can only speculate to theories you construe
Got more on my plate than I could ever chew
I got bigger fish to fry
Than the ones biting you...

So tell me how you want it
I gotta get down on it
Tell me what you need, I
Aim to please, you see

She's going down
She's going down
She's coming round
Thinks it's time, now
To have another breakdown

Have another breakdown

Baby this precious moment
Track Name: Persephone's Lament
I bled for the second time
with a man in mind
shed life out of every pore
then went back for more

just like a movie queen
on the silver screen

these days i don't want no love
i don't want no pain

i'd rather be hollow
than be hurt again

i see you in my sleep
i've been trying not to
been trying not to dream...

God knows it's a lonely road
walking with your soul
dammed up with emotions
with no space to flow...

i write them in the songs
i've been trying not to
i hear you sing along
but do you really hear me?

so now i'm resigned
to have no man in mind
to find whats inside
and at the very core

as i go walking in this waking dream i call my life
i have found illusions to be pretty but not worth their price

i am slowly learning how to let them go and let them go and
who you are and were i think you know,
i think you know.
Track Name: Somebody to Love
I didn't know
That it could be so good
You should have told me, baby,
What I was getting into

I didn't see
Didn't want to believe
That I had been so, so lonely

And now I want somebody,
I want somebody,
I want somebody to love

I need somebody,
I need somebody,
I need somebody to love

Do you think that I am just a curiosity
Something everyone likes
But nobody really needs

Well if that's true
It's 'cause I built myself that way
A shiny plaything filled with hollow pain

And I want somebody
I want somebody
I want somebody to love

No I need somebody
I need somebody
I need somebody to love

Could you be somebody
Be somebody, be somebody
That I could love
'Cause I don't see nobody, I don't see nobody
I don't see no-one

That I could...

One more time down the rabbit-hole
All I find is my same old soul
Searching for the melody
That will bring me some sweet relief

And on the stage I play again
Still searching for, for a friend
But all I see are empty eyes
And even though they empathize
Track Name: Down
This is the story of our lives
On this roller coaster ride
We feel in the dark not knowing our way
Searching for a better place
And I've seen the signs again
Signs that I'm going down my friend
And no I won't pretend
That everything's ok

'Cause oh, to be forever strong
To be forever on
Is something that I don't know if I want
'Cause all I seek is authenticity
And each polarity
Is just as real to me

I get this way, baby, when I get down
Seems that nothings gonna come round
Seems like just yesterday
I thought everything was going great

Baby when I get down
Seems like nothing's gonna come round
Seems like

When I get down
When I get down
When I get down

And the things I was saying yesterday
It's not that they're not true
They're true to another mask I wear
True to another mood

I slip and side inside my mind
Searching for the ground
Harder I try to get up, the further I go down

And I hope that you know
I hope you can see
It's all the same girl you know
It's all the same me

It all has one purpose and
It all has one goal
Just what that is I don't know

I get this way baby when I get down
Seems like nothing's gonna come round
Seems like just yesterday
I thought everything was going -

Great, baby, when I get down
Seems like nothing's gonna come round
Even though just yesterday
I thought it all was great

This is the story of our lives
On this roller coaster ride
We feel in the dark not knowing our way
Track Name: Christine
Lover is asleep in the bed they made
Old sheets that are worn and frayed
Blankets that are stained, Christine

Crawls to sit on the fire escape,
Sunrise is the only place
That she can dream

By nine she's at work in the marketplace
Stands staring into space
Reading the signs
And lines
In faces as they pass
Situations changing
Into song before her

I see her at night in the dark cafe
Stands choosing what to say
Track Name: Dear Friend
Dear Friend
I'm at it again
Losing my faith in the mirror again

Thought I had you this time
But now I can see it was all in my mind

So kind sir, I'd like it if you
Could show me back to the room
I'm alright losing my pride tonight

And take me as long as you please
There's no curing for this disease and these
City lights are taking me high

And I'm lying awake
A lover beside me
Mary in front, and the devil behind me
No matter the time, I walk in a shadow

Things that I know
Good lord they confound me
I'm paralyzed by all that surrounds me and
Every night, another pillow

Dear Friend, help me again
I'm losing my faith in the mirror again
Thought I was up for the ride
But as you can see
It was all in my mind
Track Name: The Labyrinth
I was riding high
Out on a limb
As every night
Went deeper within
I didn't want to terrify you when I...

Crept inside
That darkened place where the
Path is winding, no escape
When I looked back, you were frozen

And you don't want to go
Within you say
'Cause there won't be candles
To light the way

So our journey ends
Where mine begins as

Into the labyrinth
I carry the weight
Of my expectations
Time and time again
I don't know what it is
I hope to find
But I'm lost in the maze
And I'm tired I'm tired of running
And hiding

And of trying to reach a vision of me
That I hold in my heart but never achieve
I know I can't lose, but I'll never win
As I go in circles again and again and again

In the labyrinth...

And where did you go when I was ready to show you this place?
I've been here before, I'll come here again,
It's everything, everywhere, everyone
I've ever been
The labyrinth

And I've fought this fight for half my life at least
The battles may change but the war remains the same
I carry the weight with an ear to the sky
I hold in my heart a lullaby
The wind in the trees, the words on the breeze
Say don't be afraid
To rock the cradle and fall...
Pride and all...
Track Name: Inanna
She sees the eye in her sleep
Wants to find out what it means
She wants to know why she wakes up crying

She's afraid of her dreams
Yet she follows where they lead
She goes to the medicine man and he says

"Inanna, Inanna, don't walk that road Inanna
Inanna, ho, Inanna, hey"

"Inanna, Inanna, they'll take your soul Inanna
Inanna ho, Inanna, hey"

A sweet and silent girl
She's tired of the golden world
She wants to know a darker shadow

And the sun goes down, the lights go out
Outside the rain is pouring down
The demons dancing in her head say...

"Inanna, Inanna, oh won't you play Inanna,
Inanna, ho, Inanna, hey"

"Sweet Inanna, brave Inanna,
Won't you walk this way Inanna,
Inanna ho, Inanna, hey"

"Quick, now's your chance Inanna
Break down the golden girl
Shake down her faith Inanna
Sing down her silent world
You know the way Inanna
You've seen the path untold
Do what it takes now to spin that sorry straw to gold."

"And let down that golden hair
And take off those golden robes
Take off your shoes you will not need them where you're going oh

And remove that brooch
Take off your shoes
You will not need them where you're going oh"

She goes down, she goes deep
She's awake now in her sleep
And what she sees...
Track Name: The Water
I've seen this place before
I feel it closing in
Sometimes feels like the only place
I've ever been

The walls are thicker now
Fortified with doubt
This time I may not have the strength
To get out

Where is the love, where is the faith
That got me through those other days
I'm all dried up, I don't want to end
But there's no hope, no hope now my friend

Tired of wasted dreams, nothing at all was the way it seemed
I can't go through it again

Spirit, what did you try to do to me when you
Made it seem so clear
You said, "Work hard and it will bring great things"
But you've never been never been more wrong I fear

And I'm too ashamed to show my face
And too proud to give in, so
I wrap myself in shadows
'Til I can start again

Shallow hearts and sharp tongues
Are all that hold me here
I know how they'd reshape me
If I should disappear

My father won't try to save me
My mother just turns her head
Tells me to be a lady
And talk of pretty things instead

The water just looks so tempting
Like it would swallow me whole
Wash the world from me
Carry me, carry me, carry me, carry me

So I dip my toe, dip my toe
Just to see how deep it goes
A little bit more, little bit more
I won't go all the way

Sliding down, sliding down,
The ground is looser now
And I let it go, let it go
Didn't matter anyway

My mother, she's crying
She wants to save me from myself
Sees that I'm drowning
But I didn't ask for help

My father, he reaches
In to pull me out
But it's too late

I'm all the way down
Track Name: The Seed
On this dawning of a new day my dear
I didn't know that I could not fly
I didn't know that you were not here by my side
I was still in my dreams from the night

And I wonder as I so often do
Where I went wrong today
Started off so, so good
But so soon to fade

I'd drive a million miles
To start over again
All told this lonely road is my
Only friend

Fools say it will get better some day
It will work out for the best
Old wives spin new lies to
Relieve their stress

And I didn't want to die,
Just wished that I were dead
Better than an unlived life
With unlived dreams in my head

There's still this question why
It started off so nice
Sweet like sugar and spice
'Til the day came along took it all away
I guess that's how it goes
Just ebbs and ebbs and flows
Some day I pray I'll know
Why it has to be this way

And all these dreams, so pure and sweet
Are better than the body of me
And I wish that I could show you
Without being seen

In ancient lore the winding road
Was richer than the pot of gold
'Cause everything that shines will turn so ugly...

Start talking, keep walking
We're gonna get this figured out
I blew it, you knew it,
But we can work it out

And now you know about this bad seed in me
It keeps me rooted in reality

See I've been thinking 'bout gold, thinking 'bout gold,
'Thinking bout gold
I've been thinking 'bout gold, thinking 'bout gold,
'Thinking bout gold

Made from a lead stone, made from a lead stone
I've been thinking 'bout gold, thinking 'bout gold,
Thinking 'bout...
Track Name: Warrior Queens
Last night the horses came, the horses came into town
They were riding through the dawn
I heard the cavalry, the cavalry sounding out the horn

I'm just a broken child, a broken child, an orphan girl
And so I did not heed the call
I'm not a soldier boy, a soldier boy, a strong lad at all

But soon when the sun came to rise
I saw curves on their bodies and fire in their eyes
Hair long and loose, skirts blew in the breeze

These were not the king's soldiers,
They were Warrior Queens

And so I grabbed my coat and ran downstairs and out the door
And I went charging for the fore
A crone with kind eyes spied me and swept me on her horse

Over bridges, into towns, across the fields we came
Like a locomotive spouting off steam
As we gathered the sisters who'd been waiting long for this day

Some men cheered to see us up high with the reigns
But others feared the sight and they launched the grenades
Of words of hate and blame
Fired shots and shame in our way

We said, "This is not a battle nor a call to war,
It's your one fair warning of what's in store
Should you not take time out now
And think about what needs to change"

"Something is rising that you can't control
She's gonna breathe fire right into your soul
She'll tear down anything that's not true
It's happened before and it's long past due"

See, weak men fear what they don't understand
And so they rape our bodies like they rape the land
And they tear the rainforest down by the mile
'Cause she's dark and fierce and tangled and wild

But works against nature were destined to fail
Nature was here first and nature will prevail
You can pile every rock you want atop a volcano but
Sooner or later, it will blow.

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